INTRODUCING SASS (San Antonio Street Saves)

If you are an animal lover and want to help in a small way or a big way, please “like” SASS (San Antonio Street Saves) on Facebook AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I took the liberty of copying their info from their FB page to share with everyone. The premise of this page is to alert people when an animal needs help. If you are able, you can help.


Street rescues in progress in the San Antonio Metroplex and surrounding areas (*NOT for Lost/Stolen or pets for adoptions– other sites exist for these purposes).
SASS is an INFORMATION HUB- we are not a rescue in ourself. *We work to assist rescues and SHOW THE PUBLIC THE EXTENT OF THIS PROBLEM This Page is to eliminate the need for duplicate threads on personal Pages for those directly involved with a live rescue in progress in our community. Estimated by ACS that San Antonio has over 150,000 or more (likely closer to 200,000) strays and unwanted animals

¬†on our streets, government services are not picking up thousands of these animals. They are in the streets, being hit by cars, in people’s yards, by schools, and they are terrified and starving and often hurt and sick. We are private citizens and Independent Rescue Groups working with LE and any other agencies if possible. BUT- basically– there is NO ONE else available to try to help these street strays. It is a shameful reflection of San Antonio’s lack of enforcement of existing laws, the lack of prosecution of animal abuse cases, and the overall attitude among many that ‘it is just a dog/cat’, so they throw the animal out like a piece of garbage. We can not save them all. These are LIVE rescues IN PROGRESS in various stages, conducted by PRIVATE citizens responding to suffering of neglected and unwanted strays. Every rescuer involved needs DONATIONS and the Page will have a Chip In for general funds and if required, specific animals, when their medical needs exceed the norm due to their condition when picked up the streets.they NEED DONATIONS ! THEY need FOSTERS! They need ADOPTORS!
These animals are unloved and unwanted and NEED FOSTERS! They need PERMANENT LOVING HOMES!
  • Kathleen Edwards

    how is facebook likes save animals and why you dont you ask someone with power and money to help you if not stubborn just wondering

    • Kathleen Edwards

      defiantly wanna have a pet but i cant have an animall in the house suck but so wanna make them have a permanent loving home but i have to follow rules which sucks

    • abard

      Facebook likes does not save animals but awareness does.

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